WorldWinner Social Casino Evaluation Editorial conclusion

Our study of WorldWinner games found a great deal to enjoy about the unique social casino. Even without traditional table games and slot machines, it breathes new life into the marketplace. This is the area where fans of game shows and board game enthusiasts may hone their abilities.


You will constantly be playing against other online users, making the site’s social component one of its finest aspects. You may participate in a variety of competitions to get a competitive edge, or you can refine your approach to the skills games. WorldWinner is rather distinctive, and we believe it is worth trying.



No Facebook account is required to get started.

Excellent selection of “household name” titles

Fantastic visuals and a pleasurable, user-friendly interface

Compete for free or for real money

Something a little bit different from the standard social casino


Few mobile offerings in terms of specialized applications

Some users have expressed worry over unequal matching results

Software and Game Selection 4.5/5

WorldWinner provides some of the most popular games available. The social casino is provided by GSN Games, which is a subsidiary of Game Show Network. It is therefore not surprising that it provides skill-based games inspired by its shows such as Wheel of Fortune.


GSN Games has compiled their top 25 games, including Solitaire Rush, Angry Birds Champions, Trivial Pursuit, and SCRABBLE Cubes. You’ll see that they don’t provide any typical table games or slots, so if you’re looking for slots, you should go elsewhere.


Skill-matching technology guarantees that you will play against opponents of comparable ability. Therefore, if you are an expert at Solitaire, you will be paired with an opponent who will put you through your paces. Overall, we discovered that the casino provides a fluid interface and professional visuals. WorldWinner is one of the most innovative social casinos we’ve encountered, as it is evident that GSN Games knows what they’re doing.


4/5 Bonuses and promotions

All new players earn 12,500 game tokens and 200 Oodles upon joining WorldWinner. This is more than enough to attempt all of the games in their repertoire, but keep in mind that these are skill-based games played against other people. Also remember that bonus tokens cannot be withdrawn as cash.


Unlike most social casinos, WorldWinner bonuses and promotions are relatively limited due to the presence of real-money wagers. Regularly accumulating bonus reward points does not necessarily result in a substantial increase in bankroll. You may always play for free without risking any tokens or Oodles if you do not wish to invest any of your hard-earned cash or if you simply like to familiarize yourself with the different games.


Community \s3.8/5

WorldWinner has a significant social feature in that you always play against another user from somewhere in the world. You won’t learn anything about other players beyond your interactions with them during the game. However, because to the severe competition, WorldWinner may not be the ideal location to meet friends.


WorldWinner’s limited Facebook following, about 35,000 at the time of writing, is mostly exposed to tournament promotions and opportunities to earn more reward points, but regrettably not many game token or Oodle giveaways. The website is also active on Twitter and Instagram, where it mostly shares Facebook information. For the most recent updates and entertaining information, we recommend visiting their Facebook page.


Security and account creation

WorldWinner does not just request that you sign in to an app using your Facebook credentials. You must instead establish a username and password (by inputting an email address) that you may use on your laptop, desktop, and mobile apps.


Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal can be used to purchase additional credits, although PayPal is only supported on the website and not in the applications. There are a restricted number of banking alternatives, but the vast majority of players should have no trouble utilizing them.


Some gamers may feel apprehensive about making direct purchases with WorldWinner as opposed to in-app purchases, but the site has an excellent reputation for handling funds securely.




WorldWinner’s mobile choices appear to prioritize iPhone and iPad users, as the app is exclusive to the App Store. Android users must now download the software through the WorldWinner website rather than the Google Play store. This may not be an issue for other gamers, but iOS makes it far easier to get started.


Some Android users will be hesitant to download the WorldWinner app (or any program) from any source other than the Google Play Store, but we’ve never had any problems with the APK.


As for the games themselves, fans of mobile games such as Angry Birds and Scrabble will already be familiar with the aesthetics. If not, you’re in for a treat, since GSN Games have evidently been developed with great care.


Conclusion \s4.2/5

WorldWinner is unlike any other social casino we’ve encountered. It caters to lovers of game shows and board game enthusiasts with its diverse assortment of titles. It may not feature the conventional selection of slot machines and table games, but we embrace the change. In fact, we recommend it to anybody who likes mobile games and has a bit of a competitive drive.


It is appealing to players of all ability levels due to skill matching. If you’re a lover of mobile gaming and want to add a bit more excitement to your experience, you should check it out. We anticipate even more games and larger titles in 2023.