The Island Untold: Koh Pah
The Black Rock Cliff and Aow Sane Bay
Punchang Cave, James Bond Panyee Island
Little Amazon with Wild Animal Center
Big Head Ghost Kayaking
Bang-Pae Safari Observing
Temple and Coral Island
Trail + Peaceful Bamboo Rafting Khaolak Safari
Koh Payam - Peaceful Area Thailand
Krabi Activities: Kayaking and Snorkeling
Green Forest and Lake
Chumphon: Snorkeling on Real Fertile Reef
One Day: Koh Prathong
Krabi Difference Sight
Phuket - Koh Payam 3Days 2Nights
2 Days: Love Fertile Coral Reef
The Eco: Green Island
The new story snorkeling Thailand
The Historical of Phuket
Khaosok National Jungle Conservation
Andaman Sea: Best Low, Best High
4 Days 3 Night: Lake and Tree
Similan and Cloth Island 2Days Overnight Kor Khaw Island
Khao Phra Thaeo and 3 Hidden Temples

The Eco: Green Island - 100% Alternative Energy area.(Paluay Island)
3 Days 2 Nights on Green Virgin Island- no building, no town and no crowd.

The Eco Green Island There is only one island of Thailand can be called as 100% Green Eco Island (Virgin) 100% Nature tour. This area is suitable for anyone who need to stay somewhere away from the Developed and Crowded Area.

This trip is going to take you to stay in the "100% nature area which used the power from the nature - Sola Energy and wind power only. And the villagers work for living life with the nature only. All area of the island can be reached by walk, boat or little local motorbikes. All beaches, all bays, all mountains, all safari is 100 % virgin.

If you are looking for the virgin area, beautiful with the nature, and you are the real nature consumption lovers, this tour package is your favorite.

We recommend very much, read all the detail, see the highlight pictures of the trip and program carefully, to make sure that you are the exactly one for this 100% nature area. Afterward, submit the booking.

Discovery Around the Islands of Aungthong Archipelago

The Eco Green Island The Eco Green Island The Eco Green Island
The Eco Green Island The Eco Green Island The Eco Green Island

The undeveloped archipelago around the Green Island is very virgin and nice nature. We look around for one day to tour around, see the nice picture, kayaking, swimming, highland climbing for overview and snorkeling at the nice shallow coral reef. "Virgin Sea at virgin archipelago.."

Sleeping amid the purity nature.

The Eco Green Island The Eco Green Island The Eco Green Island
The Eco Green Island The Eco Green Island The Eco Green Island

The green energy resort amid the virgin nature - Trees, Gardens, Sea, Sand, Flowers, fruits garden etc, is the exactly relaxing away from the town, the building and the crowds. We provides a nice clean room with the clean powers supply located amid the nature center of the island. "Back to the basic, but the best."

Village Touring:

The Eco Green Island The Eco Green Island The Eco Green Island
The Eco Green Island The Eco Green Island The Eco Green Island

Village Touring: Jc.Tour Local Guide leads - walking around the island, beaches, safari, Fruits Garden, The local school, The rural temple, Local horses, the local fisherman, green energy electric center, The knowledge of Alternative energy center, local restaurants and talk to the local people in the rural village. This is the exactly undeveloped area and virgin island tour in every square inches of the island. "For sure, you will be very happy with back to the basic."

Brief Programs (For Real Nature Lovers)
Day 1  
08:00 AM: Jc.Tour Minibus pick up from Phuket, Khaolak, and Krabi.
12:00 PM: Arrival the pier in Donsak:

- Having Lunch at the Pier Restaurant"
13:00 PM: The boat leave from the pier to the unseen island of Thailand-Paluay Archipelago.
14:00 PM: Arrival nature area. Stunning with the nature village of local Thai of Thailand's Southern.

- Check In - Nature Resort with green energy for electric power for light, fan or the others.

- Relaxing: With the real nature.
16:00 PM: Village Walking Activities: Study the nature power manage system of the Island, Local School, Safari Local Temple, Local fishing system, alternative energy knowledge center etc...
18:00 PM: Fresh! "Real Fresh Seafood Dinner."

- Relaxing on the Bungalow amid the nature of trees and Sea.

- Consume the nature of night.(All night)

Day 2  
07:00 AM: Breakfast.
08:00 AM: Take the boat (Real Local Boat, but great) to the nature island - Sleeping Cow Island.

- Arrival the walking trip of Sleeping Cow

- Relaxing on the beach - Walk up to see the Over view (or swimming on the beach)

Lunch: Serve on the Island.

- The inner sea lagoon. (Lagoon in the mountain.)

- Kayaking See the nature around the Island.
15:00 PM: Back to the Paluay Island - Virgin Green Island.

- Relaxing

- Walking to see more the Island.
18:00 PM: Dinner.

Day 3  
06:00 AM: - Coffee and Tea.

- Supper Box on the Boat
07:00 AM: Check Out and take the boat leave from the Island - Really nice view of Morning Sea Atmosphere. Full of Birds fly out from the nest into the sea, and the others.
09:00 PM: Arrival the Pier.

- Breakfast at the Pier Restaurant.

- Transfer back to Phuket
12:30 PM: Arrival your hotel in Phuket, Khaolak, or Krabi.

Price(Private Trip)
Adult 8,500 Baht/Person (Double Room) (Minimum Booking 2 person)
  7,900 Baht/Person (Single Room)
Child 5,500 Baht/Person (3-12 Years)

Book Now!!! Gets FREE of Charge Transfer in by Private Minibus (Airport-Your Hotel)

Price includes:

  • R/T transfer from Phuket, Krai, or Khaolak to the Island.
  • Eco-Resort Bungalow on Green Island - Paluay.
  • Tour Trip to Aungthong Archipelago.
  • Around the Island Tour
  • English Tour Guide
  • All meals
  • Insurance.
The Eco Green Island The Eco Green Island


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